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Got my License today!

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New member here. This is my first post and I'm glad I found this place. Got my license yesterday as a matter of fact and am happy the wait is over.

Just for comparison. I submitted my paperwork around August 20th and Got my license back yesterday which was October 29th. So it took about 68 days. I did the electronic fingerprints which supposedly speeds up the process a little bit and didn't have to take a class becuase of my military experience.

So now the big question is....I keep seeing this wally world walk. What exactly is that?

Looking forward to gaining some good knowledge from folks with conceal carry experience.
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Thanks for the rundown on the wally world walk. As soon as I get my new pistola I'll print out the map and make my run!
Congrates on your new license sergeantnic. what are ya lookin at for a new pistola?????
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