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Got a new toy

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After searching for at least a year, I finally located a fine specimen of the exact pistol I've been seeking...a Smith & Wesson 4506-1 with functional, adjustable tritium sights. :dancingbanana

This replaces the one I sold years ago (which I've been kicking myself for ever since :doh). I tried to find a pic of Don Johnson packing one, since his character Sonny Crocket carried a 4506 in the final season of Miami Vice, but I had to settle for a pic of Denzel Washington from Training Day.

I don't know how he carried two of these cannons in a double shoulder rig...at 42 oz. empty, just one of them weighs enough.
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Nice Gun, Congratulations !

I have its brother the 5906. It was my primary Duty weapon, now it just gets range time
Nice. I'm glad your search finnaly paid off.
Sometimes it's worth the effort and hunt isn't Deadeye?

Good score, congrats

Now just try not to get into trouble the next time you shoot it! :rolf

Love that gun. Makes me want to replace the compact 3rd gen. I had for years and sold to a friend a couple years ago.
Now that is an awsome piece.
How did you like it at the last IDPA match? Looked nice.

Wow! That was my second 45!!! What a great gun!!! I had alot of fun shooting paladins w/ it.
I have been wanting another but have not been able to find one w/ the configuration I want or in good shape!

Nice find!!!!!
How did you like it at the last IDPA match? Looked nice.
The gun functioned flawlessly, but I still need a little more trigger time on it to get a better feel for it. It has just about zero recoil, the darn thing is so heavy. :thumsup
Because I am such a gun and movie geek, I found some more examples of the S&W 4506 in cinema...

Keanu Reeves' character Detective Tom Ludlow used a fixed-sight variant to blow away three Korean gang-bangers in Street Kings.

Kristanna Loken's T-X character took a 4506 from an LAPD officer in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and used it to terminate several future resistance leaders.

And of course, Michael Chiklis' character Detective Vic Mackey regularly carries a 4506-1 in The Sheild.

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That is a beautiful piece you got there, Deadeye. Looks immaculate in the photo. Nice score!

Nice Smith! Congrats!
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