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I'll probably get flamed all to hell especially by our sponsors, but I like my FOBUS Paddle Holster

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I have carried and recommend the following:

Kramer BScab

Mitch Rosen


Blade Tech

HorseShoe Gunleather (www.holsters.org)


Don Hume

K&D Holsters

BlackHawk kydex and leather

HBE Leatherworks

and mine of course.

Others that I have seen and liked:

Alessi Avenger

anything from Boomstick Gunleather

UBG Holsters

Milt Sparks

If there is a store that stocks a good selection, try them on. Or, if you have a buddy that can loan you one to see.

Or, if you are in Jax, come visit me and you can try on mine and the rigs from other makers... I don't mind at all. Would be glad to help you find a holster you want, even if it isn't from my shop.

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If Sparks makes the I-BAK for a Glock I recommend it highly. It is small, and less expensive than many quality holsters.


My next choice for faster service and still quality products is Fist. I have a #12 for J frame. It Is completely satisfactory, not expensive, and about 5 weeks delivery.

A couple of months ago on ebay I bought a Mitch Rosen Premier Express for my Kahr P9. The seller sells that holster new for $75 including shipping. The standard pancake for $70. You might give it a shot. The sellers name is jenniferjean2. She is excellent. She also has Galco and maybe others.


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FIST has great holsters and their service is outstanding, well at least it was the last time I needed something (2 years ago).
I like their thin kydex, but they also have leather.
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