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Good News/ Texas Senate passed legislation to let students carry concealed (Merged)

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Hopefully this makes it all the way through.

College students and faculty members with a concealed handgun license would be able to pack their firearms on campus under a bill that the Senate tentatively approved on Tuesday. The measure, passed on a 20-10 vote, was offered by a state senator who said he wants to give Texas students protection against mass shootings such as occurred at Virginia Tech University in 2007. Sen. Jeff Wentworth, R-San Antonio, said the right-to-carry measure also would protect students from other life-threatening situations.

"When I read about massacre in Virginia (in 2007), I felt I would feel personally guilty if it woke up one morning and read that this had happened on one of our college campuses and I had done nothing to prevent it from happening," Wentworth explained to other senators. A series of amendments seeking to soften the bill were rejected as Wentworth argued they would infringe on the rights of Texans licensed to carry. One amendment would have allowed college governing boards to decide whether to allow firearms on their campuses.

The measure, which needs a final vote in the Senate, faces an uphill battle in the House, which allowed a similar bill to die on its calendar last week. Higher education officials are expected to lobby against the measure, using the argument that it infringes on their authority and could endanger students and faculty. The Senate bill does not affect a current prohibition on firearms at sporting events.
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I wish Florida would do something like that. It jsut makes sense.
Texas Senate passed legislation to let students and others carry concealed weapons

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Texas College Guns

On May 19, 2009, the in their dorm rooms and classrooms. A vote of the full Senate may be scheduled later the same week.1 2

Fast Facts
Supporters say the move could help prevent mass murders on campus1
Opponents say it would make campuses more dangerous2
Concealed handgun owners must be 21 and pass a training course and criminal background check1
Bill needs final Senate approval before being submitted to the House1
Private colleges and universities could prohibit guns but public universities would be bound by the new law3
Utah, Colorado and West Virginia currently have concealed weapons permitted on campuses2
Guns on Campus?
Currently, Texas state law allows concealed weapon permit holders can carry their weapons on campus grounds but not in stadiums and sporting arenas. The new law is intended to let students carry guns in dorms and classrooms.1

According to the bill's author, Republican Senator Jeff Wentworth from San Antonio, the bill is for the "safety of all college students". Wentworth was able to stifle several attempts to add a rider to allow public universities to control handguns on their campuses. The universities wanted the ability to determine whether they have guns on campus, whether students can transfer to a non-gun dorm, or to prohibit guns where alcohol is sold or served. All of those were defeated.3

A similar bill failed in the House on May 14, 2009.4
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Only in Texas will you see them take a first step.Man be nice if we had a govenor with a pair.
Only in Texas will you see them take a first step.Man be nice if we had a govenor with a pair.

Powder Puffs anyone?
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