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good cwp class

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Does anybody know of a good cwp class in the north tampa bay area. My mother is looking to get her cwp and has no experience with firearms. I wanted her to go to Hernando sportsman club because there class is 5 hours long and teaches gun safety, cleaning, etc and you shoot five different guns. But the next open class is not until june. What I don't want is the normal class which teaches you how to fill out the app. Thanks FB
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Do her a favor and send her to Norm!

Knight Shooting in Pinellas Park has a FANTASTIC CCW Class and it's where I did my class as well as some other more advanced training. It's just completely FULL of info and Norm Belson has to be one of the best trainers in the area. It was an all day class (like 8-5pm) and WELL worth the money! He has co-ed classes and women only classes.

Principal Instructor; NORM BELSON
Major United States ARMY (Retired)
Florida State Certified Police Officer (Retired)

• United States Army Infantry combat veteran • 25 Years civilian and military police experience
• 10 Years vice and street crimes undercover officer • Military and civilian SWAT Instructor
• United States Army Counter Terrorist Planner • Special Operations Planner
• Certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer for; pistol, rifle and shotgun
• Personal safety instructor and training counselor

Here's the link.....


There are other places that do classes all over the place and a lot cheaper than Norm's class but she isn't going to learn half of what he will show her. Some of these other classes are just trying to turn numbers and could careless if the shooter learns anything at all. You go in listen how to fill out paperwork, shoot 3 rounds and leave. Two hours or so sitting there and they teach you nothing. Don't waste your time with those places.

No, I am not affiliated with Knight Shooting or Norm Belson in any way. Just giving the guy kudos for doing a great job training others.

Hope this helps! :drinks
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One other thing....classes DO fill up quick and there is a significant backlog at the state in regards to getting these permits out in a timely manner. (as you might already know)
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