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Going between places I can carry and places I can't, all in one day....

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I'm not carrying everywhere because I'm afraid of accidentally carrying into a place where I'm not supposed to. I'm a grad student and am on and off campus several times a day on some days, and not all all on others. I get nervous that I'll forget, and also what to do when I get on campus. I live in a gang neighborhood and would prefer to carry when I'm leaving and arriving at my house, but do I stop before I get on school property and unload and lock it in my glove compartment/whatever is legal in my state (WA), and wouldn't this get tedious to do every time? I'm almost thinking of carrying a laminated index card with places I can and can't carry on it to whip out as a handy pocket reference guide!!
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I think the key is what you've already said. You have to know what is legal in YOUR state.
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