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Going between places I can carry and places I can't, all in one day....

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I'm not carrying everywhere because I'm afraid of accidentally carrying into a place where I'm not supposed to. I'm a grad student and am on and off campus several times a day on some days, and not all all on others. I get nervous that I'll forget, and also what to do when I get on campus. I live in a gang neighborhood and would prefer to carry when I'm leaving and arriving at my house, but do I stop before I get on school property and unload and lock it in my glove compartment/whatever is legal in my state (WA), and wouldn't this get tedious to do every time? I'm almost thinking of carrying a laminated index card with places I can and can't carry on it to whip out as a handy pocket reference guide!!
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Anything in there about colleges that I'm missing? I've read the applicable laws, I just keep feeling like I'm missing something, and I'm extremely paranoid that I'm going to do the wrong thing as far as where I carry. I once got asked by a LEO if I had been drinking, and when I said yes, I quickly had to clarify that I meant Mountain Dew, and no, I was NOT trying to be a smartass :rolleyes:
Oh wow, thank you. I guess I just had it in my head that college carry was NOT OKAY and couldn't figure out why the statutes weren't backing that up for me :laughing I'm a well-dressed female (for the most part), and I've managed to resist putting my NRA sticker on my car (it's WA, I figured a peace-loving person would probably bash in my car windows), so I don't think anyone will ever think to even consider that I may be carrying.
Yeah, they told me that they wouldn't stop me as we were discussing life out on the street in front of my house after yet another gang shooting (yes, I'm moving at the end of the month). I do have the WORST luck with LEO however and will probably carry a copy of the statutes with me along with my CCP. My brain and mouth do not operate in tandem when I am in front of a LEO who is suspecting me of having done something wrong (reformed speeder here).

Oh, and with my girlie choices in beer, I'm not sure my female-ness is ever in question :D

Oh, and what do I need to watch out for around Seattle other than the fact that it appears that guns here are considered to be responsible for all the evil in the whole wide world?
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