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GM everyone

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Yes its really 0415 and Im just registering during my meal hour. My name is Steve and I just found this site. Im a NRA Instructor w/ 20yrs experience and I look foward to sharing, learning and making a few friends along the way.

p.s....I wont be able to reply until I get back from a short vacation...play nice and please DONT be a victim!!
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Well welcome and when you get back from vaca I'll welcome you again!
welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum ! I have found a lot of good information on here ! I bet you will too ! I live in Dania beach and shoot mostly at Pembrook Range (formerly American ) Take care ! Kevin
Welcome To The Forum. From Middleburg, Florida.
welcome from south florida.
Welcome from Daytona Beach.

<-Straight Shooter->
Welcome Voodoo.

Enjoy your vacation. We will be here when you get back.
Welcome voodoo, from Hudson, Florida.
Welcome :thumsup
Welcome. I hope you enjoy/enjoyed your vacation because this site is addictive. It will become your "other" job. :thumsup
Welcome from Central Fl.
Welcome aboard. :drinks
3260 miles, 9 days later

Made it back from my 2009 Eastern States tour <laughin>. I was in NY/NH/VT for the majority of the trip. They talk funny up there :laughing but are VERY SERIOUS about their guns/rights. I actually had a great conversation with a NH Trooper about CCW issues and proudly showed him my "traveling companions" <Para P-14/S&W 669>!!

Im back, tired as hell and working all night...but glad to be home.

Voo~~~ :pistols
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