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Glock Magazines

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I've been shooting revolvers for years, but I began thinking about making a sidestep to autos for concealed carry. From discussions here, I've been thinking about Glocks and the XD pistols from Springfield Armory, so today I rented a Glock 19 at the local range. I love the way the pistol shoots, but in going through 50 rounds, I had the magazine fall out several times.

According to the people at the range, this pistol is only about 1 month old, and the magazine came with it from the factory. Naturally, after the first incident I was very careful to fully seat the magazine and to not accidentally push the release with my trigger finger while shooting (I'm a lefty). Is this a common problem with Glocks?
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Remember too, Steve, you're talking about a range rental gun/mags....hard use from lots of folks who normally don't have a clue.

That said, in 18 years of shooting/carrying Glocks, I've never had a mag drop that I didn't want to drop.

Buy with confidence.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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