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I just picked up a Glock 22 40S+W with a conversion barrel in caliber 357 Sig two days ago.

I bought this one not for the 40 caliber but because I knew where I could get a 357Sig barrel for 100.00. The gun was a police trade in refurbed by glock which only cost me 319.00 so with the barrel I've got 419.00 into the gun with two calibers. Standard new glock plastic sights came with the gun, though this one will likely be getting N/S's in the near future.

I have several holsters for the numerous G17 glocks so I won't need to buy any more equipment to support this gun, another reason why I took possession of it.

I've decided tocarry the 357Sig Winchester Ranger T 125 grain bonded core bullet for SD in this gun. Moving the 125 grain bullet about 1350 fps or a little more out of the glock 22, muzzle energy produced is about 530-550.

It's my understanding that the Secret Service and Air Marshall's are carrying this caliber.

Anyone have experience with this caliber? Comment?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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