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G26 v. PF-9

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I recently gave a PF-9 for a P-22 Walther. I've had a few ask why:

I had a PF-11 and a PF-9, both of which were traded off. Not that I have an issue with Kel-Tec, far from it, I like their stuff (after the obligatory fluff & buff)..... My Sub-2000 is one of my favorite guns

BUT a Kel-Tec PF-9 is virtually the same dimension as a Glock 26 excepting thickness (width), yet the G26 can hold 13 rounds with a +2 mag extension and one in the pipe, the PF9 held 7+1. The G26 ate any ammo and is almost impervious to abuse, the PF-9 was finicky about ammo and dirt.

I bought the PF9 thinking I'd pocket carry... wrong, still too big for comfortable pocket carry (IMHO). The PF9 hurt the hell out of my hand due to recoil, and my ability to re-acquire suffered as a result. I can "point shoot" the G26 out to ten yards with about a 6" group, The PF9 increased that diameter to double (making a COM 30' shot doubtful, instead of definite).

In short, I'll put up with the extra 0.250" and carry the Glock. Not to mention with the extra capacity, I need not carry a spare mag as I did with the PF9

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Contrarian opinion here AND I love Glocks.

My PF-9 travels in my front pocket (jeans or cargo shorts/pants) all the time. I am comfortable with it, can shoot a tight enough group for my personal security purposes and just kinda like the little thing.

I think the holster I have helps. I have three actually, a plain pocket Uncle Mikes for the loose , cargo stuff and a neat little print negating wallet type from pocket holsters.com for jeans and tighter stuff. I use a Fobus for the range.

All that said, I understand the affection many feel for the "baby"Glock. I guess the Kel-Tec, being American made here in Florida also contributes to my "warm fuzzy feeling" with it.
I have the same holster... well I did, I gave it away with the gun!... BUT I still use my Pocketholsters for the NAA 22 Mag everyday
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