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G19 or XD9Subcompact

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I discovered a gun store/range yesterday called "the 911store" in Hollywood, FL. Really friendly, knowledgeable staff. I went in kinda pricing a xd9 subcompact, and they let me fire a Glock 19. The glock is really nice. I would like to know if either gun has an advantage over the other. I have fired both, and they both feel good.

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They are both great guns, so you should go with which ever you feel more confortable. I have the XD40SC and is really nice i have been looking at the G19 because i want 9mm for my wife (you know so that i can use it to) but the grip on the glock for me it doesnt feel right in my hand so i will try both and see wich one i can shoot better and wich one fits you hand better. The price on both guns is around the same maybe a couple of dollars diference. But i have seen them at the same price.
One of my local gun shops has them between 520 and 550. The G26, XD9SC, G27 and XD40SC with regular sights they are 525 each. i have seen them at the Gun Show for as low as 489
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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