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G19 or XD9Subcompact

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I discovered a gun store/range yesterday called "the 911store" in Hollywood, FL. Really friendly, knowledgeable staff. I went in kinda pricing a xd9 subcompact, and they let me fire a Glock 19. The glock is really nice. I would like to know if either gun has an advantage over the other. I have fired both, and they both feel good.

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I bought a G19 even though the grip didn't feel "perfect" to me, but after a few rounds it felt just fine. I LOVE the trigger feel of the glock, but not long ago my gun shop let me shoot a XD9 V-10 ported and i loved the way it shot. It was the same price as what i paid for my G19, and after i shot it, i wish i would have bought that V-10 instead of the glock, but only because of the ported barrel. I liked the reduced "pop up" of the V-10. And on the one i shot the trigger was identical to the G19, it is the same size, seemed like the same weight and everything. The guns seem identical.
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