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As opposed to a revolver grip, which is quite a bit different:

BTW, this is NOT me! I have a LOT more hair :p

Definitely do not want this type of 'thumbs-forward' grip with a revolver, unless you're not particularly attached to your thumb, because after you shoot the revolver, your thumb won't be particularly attached to your hand anymore.

It took me a while to adjust to this grip, as I was trained with a modified Weaver stance way back when, and had a lot of goofy isometric tension in my grip.

I shudder every time I see somebody 'tea-cupping' their support hand. Maybe not a big deal with .38 revolvers and maybe some heavier 9mm pistols, but anything with a fairly 'flippy' recoil, like .40 S&W is for me, and that gun will jump out of your support hand every time.

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