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***SOLD***My wife bought a M&P 9c last year brand new from Shoot Straight Tampa but she is not following through with her concealed license so we are selling the gun. She took a lady's intro class and went to the range with me once so the gun has somewhere around 100ish rounds through it. This M&P shots great, feels great, zero issues and looks absolutely brand new.

The Crimson trace Laser is a factory installed unit and this is a cataloged gun which lists for $809. I also have 1 extra M&P magazine for this gun making a total of 3 magazines. The original hard plastic case, all paper work, manual, back straps, lock and so forth is included.

$750 obo...prefer face to face deal in or around the Tampa area however I do travel Florida for my job and might be able to meet somewhere. Again, this gun has no excuses and is like new perfect shape.

1181861_02_m_p_9c_w_factory_crimson_laser_640.jpg 1181861_01_m_p_9c_w_factory_crimson_laser_640.jpg 1181861_03_m_p_9c_w_factory_crimson_laser_640.jpg
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