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Ford Amphitheater & Seminole Hard Rock

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Is it legal to carry at these locations? I didn't see anything in the statutes. I'm not talking about a sign, I'm talking about a statute.

Personally I didn't carry to either of these locations this past Saturday night. Left my rig in the hotel room with my scooter (yes, my scooter goes INSIDE the room). The rum & whiskey was flowing and my shirt was off anyway. Combine that with flip flops and cargo shorts and there's nowhere to put a Glock 23 comfortably. And the casino, well, it's a casino. Regardless, I didn't feel "naked" or anything, I felt beautiful but I'm curious as to the law.

It's doubtful I'll ever carry to a concert (HCSO is everywhere at the Ford Amp) but there may be a time or two that I hit the casino in passing.


PS- I posted this image in another forum but I don't know how much cross traffic there is so I thought I'd post it again; made me think of the FCCer's.

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The Hardrock is on 'Indian' land, yes?

Where is the Ford Theatre located? Not familiar with Hernando County. I will say that I've carried at concerts here in Jax at the Arena. Not illegal
I asked Seminole police one day. They said no to ccw in the casino. Not certain about walking around outside on Tribal land.
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