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Ford Amphitheater & Seminole Hard Rock

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Is it legal to carry at these locations? I didn't see anything in the statutes. I'm not talking about a sign, I'm talking about a statute.

Personally I didn't carry to either of these locations this past Saturday night. Left my rig in the hotel room with my scooter (yes, my scooter goes INSIDE the room). The rum & whiskey was flowing and my shirt was off anyway. Combine that with flip flops and cargo shorts and there's nowhere to put a Glock 23 comfortably. And the casino, well, it's a casino. Regardless, I didn't feel "naked" or anything, I felt beautiful but I'm curious as to the law.

It's doubtful I'll ever carry to a concert (HCSO is everywhere at the Ford Amp) but there may be a time or two that I hit the casino in passing.


PS- I posted this image in another forum but I don't know how much cross traffic there is so I thought I'd post it again; made me think of the FCCer's.

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Before moving at the first of this year, I lived in Tampa for the previous 8 years.

The Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Hotel is on Seminole Indian land and is governed by their own sovereign land laws (there are actually signs on the property stating this -- I believe even in the parking garages/near the elevators). IMO, DO NOT carry there, as your State of Florida CCW license would probably be of no concern to them.

The Ford Amphitheater, depending on the actual concert, will do pat downs and/or metal detector wands -- I've gone through them both before.

The Ford Amphitheater is run privately by LiveNation, but is located on The Florida State Fairgrounds, which is state-owned.

http://www.floridastatefair.com/fair-authority states "The Florida State Fair Authority operates under the direction of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Agriculture Commissioner Charles H. Bronson leads the Authority, which oversees the Florida State Fairgrounds and the annual Florida State Fair."

And guess whose names are on my CCW license (yep, Bronson and the DOACS).

I've seen signs at the gate that say no weapons (with pictures) and as you are walking up to the entrance areas, so I'd expect that they'd tell you to leave. And if you didn't, then one of the MANY Hillsborough deputies would be willing to have a conversation with you or just take you up the street to the Orient Road Jail for trespassing. :thumbsdwn

Since Florida doesn't have a "legal signage" statute that would carry weight to any of these, it would basically be them kicking you out, unless you resisted and then could be arrested.

Remember, this is the same Florida State Fairgrounds where the gun shows are held.

The following is from FSS 709.06(12) stating where you cannot carry:
"any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to such purpose"

With them having so many beer and alcohol sales areas, I'd guess the only place inside the venue where you WOULDN'T violate the above would be in the PIT/FLOOR area since I don't remember any one walking around selling alcohol there. However, there are a few beer stands up on the lawn and there are servers walking around the VIP areas in the reserved seats.

The "primarily devoted to such purpose" would also come into play, since you're there primarily for a concert.

Just be glad you can take your camera, mini lawn chair, a bottle of water and some snacks in there :)
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Wouldnt a casino be considered a "place of nuisance" or is the place of nuisance described in 823.05 illegal gambling halls?
No, since the casino is a LEGAL place to gamble in the State of Florida.
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