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florida knife law

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Can someone tell me if there a particular lengths on a knife to be carry.
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Can someone tell me if there a particular lengths on a knife to be carry.

if you dont have a license, then you can only conceal a "common pocket knife, plastic knife or blunt-bladed table knife.

If you have a FL concealed weapon and firearm license, then you can carry one of these if you want (machete)

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Naaaaaa, if I'm gonna carry a knife, I'm gonna carry a real knife .. :D


leave it to my brother TampaSsgt to go all out. :rolf
OK..Here I go..
Just asking.. I have a NC CCW permit. Does it apply on the knife issue or just the weapon from my state. While I am visiting Fla.?
I do NOT own a knife like that. But almost bought one while I was there. I honestly did not know they had a knife law like that. Here in NC you can buy knives like that anytime.
Now that I know...now what?
if i had to guess i would say that you could. Having read the statutes, I do not remember there being any distinction in our concealed weapon law which includes firearm and knives as is the purposes on this thread and there is nothing said in the reciprocal law about you having a concealed firearm but not a concealed weapon (knife). Again I cant say 100% but pretty sure you are okay
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