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Had a class of 22 Students today and because of the people on this forum..being as professional as ya'll have been with great attitudes, excellent questions as well as answers and this forum being made up of mostly new shooters who have just received their CWL or are waiting for it but with some very experienced shooters helping out..I've started recommending this forum to every new student who comes thru one of my classes..Hopefully we start seeing some of them contributing to this great forum..Those recommendations dont come lightly folks..Keep up the good work.
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Had a class of 22 Students today...

Are your classes usually this large? Was this a class for CC License only? A lot of classroom time and a bit of shooting to show ability?

I'm just curious as to how you could facilitate such a large class. [Not questioning *your* teaching ability by any means.] Our class was limited to 10 people but then again, maybe it was to accommodate the size of the classroom itself.

Just wondering.

Also, were any of these attendees your neighbor's daughter and any of her friends? I do not want you to lose the opportunity to get those young girls in a practical, safety class of any kind. The window will close on that high alert mentality and they will sink back into 'it can't happen to me' mindset before you know it.
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