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Mailed March 5 (ink prints) and have not heard a peep. Emailed in a few weeks ago and got the standard reply about the backlog. Called today and spoke to Marion, gave him the info and a few minutes later he called back saying it was complete and that he just issued it. He gets it done and he is very nice. Now the mail...
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I am sitting here waiting on a call from Marion myself. Called earlier and was told i wasn't in system, then got disconnected. Called back, was found and given the standard reply, asked for a super and got Marion. Now i wait.
He was very responsive with me, called back within an hour. Of course, during that hour I was assuming something was wrong, but it worked out. Hopefully you are on someones desk ready to be issued!
Don't worry, it only took a couple days mailbox-to-mailbox to get mine....
Just heard from Marion -- i am issued - receive license soon.
Interesting update. This Tuesday (6/16)I called the "back number" and requested Marion, as I said he was very nice, he took my info and called me back. He said the license has been issued. I took that to mean that he found the file and issued it. Anyway, I checked the mail last night and guess what, it was there! Had an issue date of June 11. I originally mailed on 3/5 and check was cashed 4/15. I had not spoken to anyone before really, so i guess they are moving through the March apps now. Very nice having it in the wallet. Either way, Marion was still very professional and helpful.

I havent posted much here over the last few months, but I have been reading a lot. This forum is a great resource with a lot of great people, so thanks to all of you!
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