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Finally HERE, Gonna Take A Walk

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I was thinking about a Wally Walk, but my wife said we need to go to Lowes. Maybe do both!! :dancingbanana
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Took A Walk

Took a walk through Wally World and Lowes. As usual, no ammo at W.W., :mad: but made up for it by picking up some tools at Lowes.

I carried a 5" 1911 in a Pro Carry Deep Comfort Executive IWB from The Holster Store. The gun disappeared under a loose t-shirt. But it does tend to rub bare skin. I guess maybe a second shirt between me and the gun or look into a holster with a shield/guard. Any suggestions?

While I was aware of the gun most of the time (especially with it rubbing), I didn't feel conspicuous. All in all, a good outing, in spite of the gun rubbing my "love handles".
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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