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Advanced Defensive Handgun 1 Okeechobee County
Sunday Sept 11th.

I have 3 open spots for this class.....anyone interested sign up now. Heres another opportunity to train as you will actually have to fight!

Course is designed to guide you through the basics of utilizing your firearm under real stress in fighting conditions. Including safety, situational awareness, mental conditioning, stance, drawing, mastering trigger control, mastering recoil, stress fire, tactical target engagement and speed sighting, realistic ranges, and close-quarter fighting.

Check out the videos of past classes:

Ammunition Required: Minimum 400 rounds

Prerequisites: All students must have a concealed weapons permit.
Additional Equipment: Along with the standard strong side carry holster, you will need a way to carry your spare magazines (2 magazines minimum required) Baseball cap, sunscreen, eye and ear protection, food and drinks, elbow and knee pads, along with clothing that will allow for work on the ground (no open top shoes or v neck tops).

•For more info or to book on line:
1. Go to www.floridafirearmstraining.com
2. Drag mouse over the training icon then click on “Book Now” in the drop down menu.

•Location: Okeechobee Shooting Sports, Okeechobee County Florida.
•Time (9.30am till 4.30pm)
•Cost: $200 per shooter.
FCC discount $25.00 Please quote when booking ($175)

For more info go to www.floridafirearmstraining.com

If you have any questions then contact me via email ([email protected] ) or phone Will 954 298 9103
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