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Federal 9mm

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Federal 9mm lugger 115gn FMJ @ wally world/they are the same as Blazzer Brass:rolleyes: Any body notice the simularity? They had couple of cases @ Regency wal Mart Merril rd &Few 100rd boxes of .40 S&W & the same inRem.UMC Green & white boxes:drinks
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Yeah...it's as good or better than Blazer Brass. Doesn't seem as dirty to me, though I use the 124gr vs. the 115gr.
I would like to find 124gn Not at WW :rolleyes::thumsup
I just bought a case of it from Shooter's a couple of weeks ago, when they had their "we can't go to the gunshow" sale. Pricier than WW, but they had it....and a pantload of it.
I have the 115 & 124gr. It's the only 9mm I have ran with any length. I was lucky & bought several thousand rounds back in January.
IDK how the BB 9mm is, but the .40 is VERY dirty.
So's the 9mm, fuzzy....I've shot some of it in IDPA matches when it was all I could get....GA Arms is cleaner.
:rolleyes: I have seen Federal ( Champions ) I've seen plenty of Federal American Eagel,are we talking about two different Animals? :D
Never seen any Federal 'Champions', Yarddog. Americal Eagle is what I usually buy, or Independence (also Federal).
:eek: Nether have I untill last night,the guy at WW said it's replacing Blazzer Brass :rolleyes: The funny thin is put the two rounds side by side they look identical, Now I have'nt shot any yet. but tommarow I'll see & YES THEY ARE (FEDERAL CHAMPIONS) Looks like the .22 label but it's burgandy & black Instead of blue & black. :thumsup
Interesting. I'm due for a round of WW ammo counter visits this week...I'll keep an eye out for it.

Federal owns all of those brands...Independence, Speer, CCI, Blazer, American Eagle, etc...
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