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IYO, do you feel speed of presentation an important component of self defense with a handheld firearm carried concealed with the purpose of sd the primary function? Have you practiced become faster to respond with deadly force with your daily equipment? Do you know where you are with your present skills set at drawing and making that first hit?


Recently, on another forum, a member admitted he thought he was better than average at times to draw and make a first hit. When he put himself on the timer for the first time, he was recording lows of high 2's and highs of mid 3 seconds. His mind told him he was pretty fast, the timer told the real story. He was very unhappy with his skills after placing the timer into the mix.

How many members here believe they are "fast enough", and haven't any idea what that represents in actual time. It's something that might be important where it's fairly well known the average DGU lasts a mere 3 seconds.

I shoot "on the timer" almost every week, and will have mine with me at the April Volusia class.

If there's any way you can work a timer into any of the exercises y'all have planned, you can count on using it.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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