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Ever Carry "mexican"

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I know that nobody likes to sweat all over the gun, but have U ever carries "mexican" style, (no holster)?

any thoughts
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I've carried mexican [ no holster appendix carry ] on occasion. I'll likely carry the S+W 640-1 with the hip grip that way nowadays. It's used as a second gun for the most part at this point though.

Years ago while working in bad areas in the summer heat in just a t shirt, I'd also carry two J frame smiths mexican, one on each side of the belt buckle. T shirt could be tucked in and untucked/bloused over the grips, so people would think you were unarmed. I don't find many guns that comfortable for mex carry, but the j frame snubs work great and don't cause problems with sitting while driving, etc due to their short barrels.

I've taken guns out of their normal holsters and thrown them into mex style carry when I thought the gun play might be inevitable or when a situation dictated I have a hand on a gun before any festivities began.

A J frame with a 10-12 pound DA trigger pull isn't going to go off at appendix carry while mex carrying it, neither is a 1911 with a cocked and locked hammer and grip safety.

On the other hand, guns like glocks should not be mex carried for obvious reasons.

So it depends on the gun being carried mex style as to the danger one faces of the gun firing while so situated.


Have you tried a Berami hip grip on that burrito or taco?:D

1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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