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DIY Camo Dipping

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Curious if anyone has tried these at-home camo dip kits - www.camodipkit.com
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I've looked into, but haven't tried liquid fusion. Seems easy enough to do. Durability is a question.
You can find demo's, instructions and tips on this site... http://www.ezdipkits.com/results.php?category=5

And if you have spraying equipment, this might be better ... http://shop.liquid-fusion.com/default.asp

Like I said, I haven't tried it. I was researching for a project I hope to complete in the fall, and try it on that.
My bad. Check this site for the basic kit...$69
Price is about the same at the liquid fusion site.
The ezdip kits site is more expensive at $99.
You can cut costs if you have your own automotive primer, clear, and base in your desired color. Than all you need is the activator and pattern.
But at $69 plus whatever their shipping is, for a rattle can ready to go kit, isn't bad.

Video's can be found here http://www.mydipkitvideo.com/
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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