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DIY Camo Dipping

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Curious if anyone has tried these at-home camo dip kits - www.camodipkit.com
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I know the camo spray paint is much flater than regular flat paint, so I don't know how well this will actually work other than looking cool.
I can vouch for Duracoat aerosol, no experience with others. Duracoat has camo kits.
I've looked into, but haven't tried liquid fusion. Seems easy enough to do. Durability is a question.
You can find demo's, instructions and tips on this site... http://www.ezdipkits.com/results.php?category=5

And if you have spraying equipment, this might be better ... http://shop.liquid-fusion.com/default.asp

Like I said, I haven't tried it. I was researching for a project I hope to complete in the fall, and try it on that.
So I came close to this... I have a Remington 597 .22LR (well since I bought my father a 597 HB for Christmas, I guess you could say I have two lol) that I have heavily customized and modified/upgraded. After the internals were upgraded w/ Volquartsen parts and a babying effort by a gunsmith, a Nikon ProStaff 4-12x40mm replacing the "Remington 3-9x32mm" included scope, sling studs, swivels, and a sling installed etc. .. it was time for the looks to be upgraded.

I didn't want to buy a new stock because I am holding out hope that someday I really REALLY go all in and add a $3-500 VQ barrel ... which then I will also replace the stock. But until then I was going with the factory included synthetic (cheap Chinese injection-molded plastic) stock. I was going to do these camo kits but they were like $150-$200+ which is NO JOKE! A stock is like $100 !! Maybe not as cool colored but jeez louise!

So I got a few cans of spray-paint and did my own camo job. Most people think it's hilariously bad and it probably is, I am the least artistic person you will ever meet. Absolutely terrible .. cannot draw a stick figure. The fact I'd even attempt this was sort of a hilarious miracle. But I got what I got and I love it for what it is. I sometimes wish I did the camodip but for the money they cost I just didn't see the value.
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My bad. Check this site for the basic kit...$69
Price is about the same at the liquid fusion site.
The ezdip kits site is more expensive at $99.
You can cut costs if you have your own automotive primer, clear, and base in your desired color. Than all you need is the activator and pattern.
But at $69 plus whatever their shipping is, for a rattle can ready to go kit, isn't bad.

Video's can be found here http://www.mydipkitvideo.com/
Curious if anyone has tried these at-home camo dip kits - www.camodipkit.com
We have used a few of their kits to date with good success. They have a nice $59 starter kit
Curious if anyone has tried these at-home camo dip kits - www.camodipkit.com
I’m curious why you started a thread four years before this one on same topic and now apparently bump both today?


Are you the seller or owner of the camo kit you refer to in both threads?
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