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Just got my Desantis IWB this am to go with the MTAC and Pocket Holster.

Guess I'm ready for the season!

The Desantis was ordered awhile back and the vendor was ill so it got delayed and I thought it was cancelled so I orderd the MTAC for the XDM,

Now, I have both and like both so it's a keeper too. Very comfortable cant on it but not as adjustable as the MTAC. It is well made and a good choice, IMHO, for someone wanting all leather instead of a Kydex hybrid.

Now I have the factory holster for the XDM (paddle type, good for the range or mounting in the car) a fobus for the Kel tec, also a paddle type, an Uncle mikes pocket type and those shown. I may have to have a "garage sale" when it all sorts out!

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