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Debate Over 'Assault Weapons'

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Wayne LaPierre defending the "assault rifle" on 60 Minutes on April 19th

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Which one do you think these idiots would label an "Assault" rifle?

This one: (A)

Or this one: (B)

The answer of course would be the second one, (B). Why? Because it looks more evil than the first one. Well news flash to them, they are both a Browning .30 caliber rifle.

The top one is the semi-automatic version, equal to the rate of fire of an AR-15 or semi-auto AK.

The bottom one is the fully auto version, equal to the rate of fire of an M-16 or fully-auto AK.

THAT is the difference between a semi-automatic rifle and a full-auto "Assault" rifle.

News flash again: You cannot just walk into a gun shop and buy a BAR, or an M-16, or a fully-auto AK-47.

So the rifles that these idiot law-makers are trying to outlaw, are just semi-automatic ( pull trigger - one shot at a time ) rifles.

If they plan on making all of those type of semi-automatic rifles illegal, well with all due respect, there are not enough LEOS in the entire United States, to accomplish that feat.
Sadly, when it come to the anti gun crowd, the correct answer would likely be, both of them!!
Well Sarge,

According to Fast Eddie, the Abrams might be appropriate for private ownership if it has no more than ten rounds in the magazine. After all, you could hunt dear with them. I wonder what his reaction would be if five or six of John Murtha's "*******" constituents were running around in them in the woods outside of Harrisburg this fall. Conjures up a vision, don't it?
Instant deer burger with no additional costs for processing.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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