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Day 55

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Been 55 days since I mailed in the application (11-24-08). Looked online and my check was cashed on the 8th of Jan. So now we sit and wait..... I cant wait till I can carry, its getting old having to leave it in the car. In my class I took everyone was shocked when over 400 people showed up for the class that was slotted for only 100.... We ( me, my wife and a friend) where there from 7am till almost 8pm that night... So its been a waiting process from the very beginning..:doh
However on a side note......My neighbor hasn't even taken the class yet... so I know he will wait allot longer than I have....:rolf
I will keep you all updated.....
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As Tom Petty says,
"the waiting is the hardest part"

Every day you see one more card
You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part:doh
Its day 82 now. I am trying to be patient. Since I sent it in I have bought 3 holsters and who knows how many bullets...... My wife sent hers in the same day and she is not worried about it...I think she does that just to get to me.
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