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Dana 60 Front Axle (Chevy, PASSENGER SIDE DROP, Kingpin)
4:10 gear set
Completely disassembled for overhaul that never happened.
Crazy heavy duty diff cover made from plate steel.
Billet hi-steer arm
break Calipers

Corp 14 Rear Axle
4:10 gear set
Detroit locker inside the carrier already
upgraded Spicer 1410 yoke (painted white)
Disassembled (same as above)
Aftermarket disk brake brackets
New rotors
break calipers

stack of new bearings/seals, spring plates, u-bolts, misc. other hard parts

Asking $1000 for everything. (The D60 is worth $1000 by itself.)
email me for more info.
mjbrennan99 at gmail

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