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It's a class B felony, 25K fine and up to 10 years in prison. I wonder just how many people carry illegally in that state?
Well, it's pretty well known that Honolulu has a serious drug problem. I would guess that most of the drug dealers carry firearms, and don't have permits to do so. And the city's violent crime rate is in the top 75 nationwide. I'm kind of guessing that most of the violent criminals don't get carry licenses. So I suspect that there are a pretty fair number of career criminals in Hawaii (particularly Honolulu) that carry illegally.

As far as otherwise-law-abiding-citizens who carry illegally for self-defense, my totally subjective guess would be, probably not very many. Nonetheless, I would be willing to bet that there are a whole lot of folks in Hawaii who are carrying illegally... Mainly folk who are doing a lot of other stuff illegally.

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I guess that the 2nd amendment does not exist in that state dimocrap's rule .
However, things MAY be changing somewhat in light of the recent SCOTUS Bruen decision (see this very recent article from Navy Times and an excerpt quoted below:
Honolulu must return Santucci’s firearms and complete the registration of the weapons, U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson’s order issued Wednesday said.

“The City is evaluating the decision and its impact on our processes,” Honolulu Corporation Counsel Dana Viola said in a statement Friday.

Kevin O’Grady, one of Santucci’s lawyers, said the case was “illustrative of Hawaii’s strong opposition to anything that approaches the free exercise of the Second Amendment.”

The lawsuit was filed before a U.S. Supreme Court ruling expanding gun rights across the nation forced Hawaii to begin issuing concealed carry permits. Previously, those permits had been practically impossible to obtain.
We shall see where this goes. :unsure:

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I wonder......

On any given day, which group actively carries more firearms (just raw count):
  • thugs / criminals
  • law-abiding citizens
I'm tempted to say the former, but I don't have any figures to back that up.

No need to pay anything but the street price of the gun, and there is no associated sales tax to it.

Few states are enforcing at the criminal charge level for illegal carry or use in a crime.
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