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Dade County Fair & Expo: No Weapons.

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The Dade County Fair & Expo has big signs for anyone living in South Florida intent on heading there. I secured mine in the vehicle when I got there the other day. They do not pat you down or make you pass through metal detectors, though they will inspect all backpacks and purses before letting you in.

Now there are several police officers on the fairgrounds but there's also a number of hoodlums around at night. About four years ago there was an incident at a gas station down the road from the fair. Three guys attempted to rob a woman who'd left the fair with her kids. They didn't expect the woman's husband to be in the other car pulling into the gas station. They also didn't expect him to be carrying his own pistol.

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Why yes, I am a genuine member of Florida Carry. :)

Feel free to move this to a new thread if continuing this one is troublesome. I merely wanted to illustrate just how long this issue has been a point of contention with no apparent progress made in the Florida Legislature.

To answer your question, some places will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to come into compliance with the law. They will ban guns as long as they think they can, even when they know they don't have the authority to do so.

Some citizens are getting tired of it, and a few patriots won't mind becoming test cases. I disagree with your use of the word "deviant" as a negative thing in this context. Perhaps a better use would be its non-conformist, maverick meaning.

Instead of saying "pretty please" and being turned away at the gate, someone will lawfully conceal and get in, then let them know they will exercise their lawful rights by carrying openly. The ball is then in the venue's court - to leave the person alone, or give an invitation to sue. It's that simple.

Wow, a question in a thread that's been dormant for over six and a half years? Really? Your question probably would have been better placed in a more recent thread regarding the shenanigans in the latest legislative session on the latest Open Carry bills in the Florida House and Senate.

I will say that concealing to gain entry into a venue presumes they would be denied entry if they carried openly and in order for the authorities of that venue to deny entry, they would have to have legal authority to do so. Otherwise, why would a carrier of a concealed firearm need to change their mode of carrying after inside? If the law allows open carry there and they're denied entry, it would seem that would then become enough of a basis for taking up the issue in the courts and much less risk to the person becoming the test case. It would also avoid the very negative image for lawful carriers that would likely result from being intentionally deviant by concealing to gain entry and then openly carrying inside.

Are you a member of Florida Carry, the group lobbying for our 2A rights?
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I think we overcomplicate it by assuming there is some sort of malice in regards to being asked to leave if caught carrying. Example: We are literally going into someone's house and then feeling violated when asked to leave because they asked us to. Even if the person is just renting, they can politely tell us to leqve. Maybe MDCFair&Expo doesn't OWN the space, but they sure are tenants, so-to-speak. Last time I checked, The Fair has been occupying the same "public space" for years. Up to the point where you are "caught" and asked to leave, you have exercised your constitutional right to carry. At that point, it is your constitutional right to carry it right on out the exit and continue to carry elsewhere, in peace. There is NO violation of constitutional rights........ just respect. I believe wisdom is better than knowledge. This type of issue goes beyond Law School. We should be careful to avoid overreaching. Example: Why is saying bomb on a plane bad? Doesn't one have freedom of speech? No... you just shouldn't.
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