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CZ Model 75B 91105, 9mm, satin nickel finish, 15 rounds.

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I'm in love with the looks of this gun. I want a full size (standard) metal 9mm for the last of my collection for a long time. I already have the sub-compact G27, Mid sized frame in Taurus but want a full size handgun in metal as well.

I think there is the same model 91105 that has a slightly goldish finish I don't like. I got the high polished stainless, 9mm, 16 rounds.

I just wondered if any of you have had any experience with this handgun? Thanks for any input.

Here is a link to show the gun but will be getting it locally.


Click to enlarge and let me know your thoughts.......
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I Hear U Partner, Tha's Why I Have 1....


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