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I have been seriously looking at a CZ 9mm RAMI for my "pocket" gun - something that has some major punch but small enough to disappear into my pocket. Actually, it rides better in my front pocket that my Bersa .380.

I haven't seen anything negative about this little guy on the 'net - has anyone had any (good or bad) experience with them ??
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CZ Rami 9mm

I picked up the Rami yesterday, field stripped, cleaned and oiled it, then I started going over the controls and what I might encounter in using them.

1. It is going to be very tricky de-cocking that bad boy!! I will probably put a (left hand) finger in front of the hammer, my (right hand) thumb on the hammer, and then let my trigger finger SLOWLY work the trigger. I am going miss my de-cocker.

2. Field stripping turned out to be easier than what the guy at the gun shop showed me - he used a plastic mallet to drive the slide stop pin out when all you need to do is use the magazine extension to press it in to get a grip on it.
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