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hello lads, I know that she is heavy, because she is all-steel, but does anybody CCW a full size CZ 75? it happens to be my most accurate handgun... she still a-lot smaller than a Beretta M-9...

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For the weight of the CZ you have to have the right belt. An OWB holster with a large t-shirt is also preferable.

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My rotation
Glock 22
Glock 23
Sig 226
Sig 220
Sig 239
sig 230
Smith 686 4''
Smith mod 12 2''
Ruger GP-100 4''
Ruger Speed six 2-1/4''
Taurus 85 2''
Its not what you carry, its the holster/ belt
and dress around what your cc'ing

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Not CZ75s, but I carried full-size 1911s OWB for years and currently rotate my Hi-Powers as OWB carry weapons.

As the others have stated, its all in having the right gear and concealment methods.
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