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Count me in!

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Just found you guys...looks like a nice place you have here. I'm waiting for my CCW and I want to hang with ppl who understand the responsibility and rights afforded them by the Bill of Rights.
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Hidin' 454, you certainly found the right place.

Welcome. We all found this site for the same reasons.
welcome. Go to http://floridaconcealedcarry.com/Forum/showthread.php?t=2033&page=2 and scroll down to see typical wait times. Post your info to be added. Enjoy.
Welcome to the forum Hidin' 454
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Welcome aboard, Hidin' . :drinks
Welcome to the forum:thumsup

Responsibility and Rights is what it's all about. Welcome to the forum :thumsup
Welcome to the forum :drinks
Welcome to the gang.

There's some good people here and lots of good advice.
Welcome from the Panhandle.
Hi Hidin' 454, Welcome to the forum :thumsup
Welcome! :)
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