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Could this give legal weight to 'No Guns' signs?

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I saw this conspicuously posted in my local Pizza Hut carry-out location today.

Here is the text from the Florida Statutes (emphasis added):

The 2008 Florida Statutes


509.101 Establishment rules; posting of notice; food service inspection report; maintenance of guest register; mobile food dispensing vehicle registry.--

(1) Any operator of a public lodging establishment or a public food service establishment may establish reasonable rules and regulations for the management of the establishment and its guests and employees; and each guest or employee staying, sojourning, eating, or employed in the establishment shall conform to and abide by such rules and regulations so long as the guest or employee remains in or at the establishment. Such rules and regulations shall be deemed to be a special contract between the operator and each guest or employee using the services or facilities of the operator. Such rules and regulations shall control the liabilities, responsibilities, and obligations of all parties. Any rules or regulations established pursuant to this section shall be printed in the English language and posted in a prominent place within such public lodging establishment or public food service establishment. In addition, any operator of a public food service establishment shall maintain the latest food service inspection report or a duplicate copy on premises and shall make it available to the public upon request.

I'm wondering if this law could give any legal weight to a posted 'No Guns' sign. Thoughts?
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I have started making my own. It's not rocket science. that way i get to make what everybody wants..... especially me:thumsup
I use 5 different cheeses, Mozzarella, Aziago, Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone, extra pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, bacon, ham, bell peppers, onion, all with double tomato sauce.
I call it the "HEART STOPPER":rolf

But man is it good.

I am voting with my wallet.
I refuse to give a company that will take away someone's 2nd amendment rights to protect themselves.
My wife makes our pizza. Picks up the dough from Publix then does the rest herself. Better tasting than the PH/PJ/D stuff and you can make it anyway you want. Not extra charge for extra ingredients.

I haven't been doing this but I think I'm going to adopt a policy to not support businesses that don't support my views on 2A.
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