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Concert Carry

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My wife has gotten tickets to go see coldplay at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. I don't see anything in the law that would prohibit ccw there (someone sing out if you disagree), but does anyone know if the venue has prohibited ccw? I haven't been to a concert in years, and I've heard stories of folks being searched, scanned with metal detectors, etc.

many thanks
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How many weapons are there under all the baggy fashion statements at a rap concert???
You don't need baggy clothes to conceal a weapon and you will find baggy clothes at more concerts than just rap concerts, which brings me to what is your real point?... At a minimum, What ever your point, I bet it has very little to do with the topic of this thread. And at worst, You make yourself an easier target if your threat focus is as narrow minded as it appears which is a disservice only to yourself.

Sorry for the thread creep of my own,
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