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Concealed Carry in The Florida Summer Heat

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Tactical U's trainers are constantly evolving our training methods. In preparation for our High Risk Concealed Carry Course, we want to hear from you:

What particular challenges do you face when concealed carrying in South Florida's steamy summer climate and how do you overcome them?
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the only time I have a problem carrying is when I am wearing shorts with an elastic waistband or a bathing suit that can't support my full sized glocks. other than that I really have no problem carrying I just wear shirts that I don't tuck in
Much the same. I hate working outside & sweating as much as I do, my IWB crossbreed feels all icky after a few hours. I wear an undershirt, but that gets soaked too. But I deal with it. No other real problems carrying my G22.
fortunately for me i don't have to be outside unless I chose to be and my remora has no problems with the heat/sweat and my horsehide little bear never gets too affected by sweat either
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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