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Conceal carry without permit

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Since I'm still awaiting my concealed weapons permit I carry at home inside the house and outside on my property. I do this to practice for when I eventually get my permit. Is it legal to conceal carry on your own property without a permit? Also for that matter is it legal to open carry on your own property in florida?
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I will say this i also have this book and highly recomend it,if theres any question about Florida Fire Arms Law he covers it check that website look at his blog,very interesting reading, all i can say is get that book www.floridafirearmslaw.com .Also quick question why would you want to open carry anyways the element of surprise is best carry concealed
Thanks Orlando Driver, I'm getting that book very soon. It should be an interesting read. You are right about the element of suprise but I was wondering if legally it's ok on my property. Sometimes when I'm mowing the lawn my shirt rides up a little and I don't notice until my wife sees it.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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