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conceal carry at a Gun Show?????

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OK the Suncoast gun shows coming up, I finally have my CCW. whats the rule on carrying at the show?

In the past I have noticed the no loaded firearms sign and the need to have anyone selling a firearm go through get the bolt or trigger zip tied. but what is the rule on a CCW permit holder?????
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Not only is it illegal,but every show I've been to has had a huge police presence.Should you feel uncomfortable without carrying loaded,in a worst case scenario and some nut would start shooting,the first thing I'm doing is hitting the floor and seeking cover and letting the professionals take care of the situation.The last thing I want to do is pull a pistol out in a room full of LEO's when they have no clue who I am or who the BG's are.
Smart plan, IMO. Ditto.
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