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Collier county administration building

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Well yesterday I had to go to an Administrative Law hearing (as an expert not as a respondent) and it was being held in a conference room on the second floor of the Collier County Administration Building. Now since there is a Division of Administrative Law Judge presiding I am certain the conference room itself that day is considered a court room so I secure everything in my vehicle and head towards the building. Upon getting to the entrance I see that I must pass through metal detectors and there is a sign which reads “No firearms permitted except for law enforcement”. Well given that I now belong to this forum my eyes about bug out of my head. So during the course of my day I learn a little about the building. It seems the Board of County Commission’s offices are located on the third floor and the meeting room is also contained on that floor, but the prohibition applies to the whole building at all times. The Collier County court house is a separate building as is the sheriff’s building on the complex.

I post this for two reasons. First, so Buckley is aware of the situation and can “do his thing” and secondly to remind everyone to keep their eyes open for the possible intrusion by local government upon our rights.
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I have found the CCSO AND Marco Island PDs extremely friendly to the Second Amendment. In fact, CCSO opens their range to the public on occasion and gives handgun safety courses for CCW licensing.

Just sayin'
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