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Close Quarters Survival Seminar--Feb. in Arizona

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When: Feb 21 and 22, 2009

Where: Rio Salado Sportsmans Club
3960 N. Usery Pass Road, in Mesa, Arizona

Trainers: 7677, Matt Temkin and Brownie

Equipment to bring: Eye and Ear protection mandatory----Pistol with minimum of 4 magazines; 1000 rds of ammo; Airsoft pistol if you have one;

Training knives provided-----Airsofts will be supplied on a limited basis.

Cost: Two days $400.00. When we reach 13 students it drops to $375.00, when we reach 15 students it drops to 350.00 per student. This class is limited to 16 students.

A deposit of 100.00 will secure a slot for this one. Email me at arizonaqkr "at" yahoo dot com for contact information

Course Curriculum:

Core pistol training utilizing sighted and point shooting techniques with Matt Temkin and 7677.

Threat Focused Pistol Quick Kill with Brownie

Introduction to drawing and shooting while moving out of the kill zone from 0-10 feet. Several important core concepts/components will be extensively covered under the guidance of all three instructors which will allow the student the best chance to successfully negotiate the time/distance problems faced on the streets.

Extreme Close Quarters hand to hand [ H2H ] skills which lead to integrating the pistol into the fight by all three instructors. This portion will also cover training in various physical skills for the gun disarm and gun traps by all three instructors.

Close Quarters H2H Defensive skills against a knife. This will be a round-table hands on segment where the students will have an opportunity to move among all of the instructors who will cover the best unarmed defensive edged weapons skills from different systems.

Force on Force with Airsofts utilizing the previously covered training from "in your face" out to 21 feet.

Since Matt, 7677 and I held the "Sightless in Tucson" event in October of 2005, we have all received constant requests to come together again for a H2H combatives class that would integrate the pistol skills and defensive edged weapons training into the mix. Here the chance to get hard core established real world skills from three instructors who are individually recognized for their various talents.

This course allows the student to learn effective close quarters street skills integrating the handgun and knife into the mix to survive an encounter in a two day package that's not only affordable but brings the talents of three instructors into one location.

For past course reviews, follow this link:


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Thanks for the thoughts SwampRat. This one is shaping up nicely since I announced it just this afternoon.

Jim Music has called and will be here [ he'll stay with me ], I signed three on after I let the cat out of the bag about this at last weekend's Flagstaff class, and another person from upper state NY is putting the deposit in the mail tomorrow so that makes 5 ready to go out of the 16 we can acomodate on that range with a 6th possible being RAM from my forum looking to secure a slot once he checks his schedule.

There'll be some good times out here in Feb with Matt and 7677 on-board and presenting their materials. Just so the members here can be aware of who these two guys are---------

7677 is a federal agent [ street investigator ] who probably knows more about moving while shooting and the tactics to stay alive with movement while making hits than anyone in the business. His background is threat focused skills with pistols/rifles and a defensive H2H tactics instructor with his agency as well as traveling for inter-agency work around the country. Top notch guy who has more tricks up his sleeve than most. They call him the "assassin" in Force on Force training for his ability to move and shoot while not getting hit.

Matt Temkin has spent nearly 20 years training in the Fairbairn/Sykes WW2 pistol/rifle and H2H combatives and trained with Rex Applegate himself for a time. Having trained with one of the masters, he's got some excellent skills to offer students and trains out of NYC but puts events through the Mass. chapter of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Trainers. He hits hard and fast with the hands and pistols, not one to be messed with.

Me? Well, there's been a lot of water under that bridge, lets leave it at that unless someone actually wants the information here ;)

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Jim Music signed up also ...wow....he can probably teach a class himself with his experience

He's calling it a mini vacation:D

Jim been out here twice for a week at a time staying with us just goofing around with the pistols and rifles [ serious play time ] as well as some ariel shooting training for me with pistols [ I actually get some of my skills from Jim ].

It's going to be an eventful weekend, that's for sure. I'm sure Jim will stay a few extra days here afterwards and we'll so some more ariel skills with the pistols and 22 rifles. One of the nice things about being in the desert up at the old Silver King Mine not far from my house, plenty of room to shoot into the air without worrying about where they're landing.

Cough up the info, brownie.

Okay MamaBear :rolf,

USMC combat military service

28 years as a PI working the streets that included being contracted to the states atty generals office criminal division for 5 years working undercover against organized crime and Bostons chinatown "Tong" gangs.

4 years training feds, state and local law enforcement in "Interview and Interrogation" skills

9 years law enforcement, assigned for the last 4 years as a defensive tactics instructor in edged weapons defense, stick, handguns. Undercover drug buys/stings for two years for another dept before being assigned to patrol work.

9 years of training in unarmed against a knife and blade to blade skills with Jim Keating of Combat Technologies

3 years for S+W's training division as their defensive edged weapons instructor training law enforcement across the country.

Two different SWAT schools with certification from both; Swat team leader, and counter sniper certifications through HK in Virginia while working in the law enforcement world.

Officially retired 4 years ago to Arizona and now train civilians/military/law enforcement in WW2 hand to hand; defensive edged weapons; pistol and rifle skills. I got bored with retirement after one year and feel it's important to give people the opportunity to gain SD skills I've been given by my mentors over the years.

In other words, I'm now a little old man who still likes to play with the "tools" of the trade.:thumsup

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Not meant to impress, it just is what it is. Like I mentioned, I got sucked into that work and couldn't get out for a long time. The challenge was to go to work and catch the BG's before they caught you, the personal rewards were nice as well in the knowledge I was taking the trash out whenever possible [ now I hate to take the trash out and my wife has to nag me to remember to do so :cool: ]

Thanks for the thoughts on duty to country, back then you didn't have much choice, you enlisted [ I did ] or you were drafted to serve.

What you are doing for that Marine unit is just outstanding Ma'am. Nothing says loving like something from the oven :rolf I know they appreciate the effort and receiving mail is a biggie to any GI, especially out of country in a war zone away from their homes and families. Mail call and actually getting mail made the time oversees seem to go by faster and troops need something to look forward to. You are in a sense also serving your country by supporting the troops. It's important those Jarheads know there are people who think of them and care about them.

If I were to suggest anything, it would be this knowing a little something about Jarhead mentalities----Tell em you've been corresponding with a former combat Jarhead and he wanted you to deliver this message,

"Get some for us" :thumsup

They'll understand.

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Thank you again for all you do.

Ahh shucks MamaBear :eek: if I wasn't doing what I do now I'd probably be getting in trouble from all the boredom:D

Hope you can make it out for this one SwampRat. We've filled 8 slots since we announced this just a week ago. 6 more available, we'll leave two for last minute sign ups.

Some of the "students" are actually men of considerable talent in their own right.

Just an update on this class---------

Just 3 slots left open at this time.


Guantes [ Gloves ] has confirmed his attendance. He's agreed to step up as a guest instructor and teach everyone there his "Draw against the drop" [ DATD ] handgun skill. He used this skill in East Los Angeles while working as a dep. sheriff successfully against a man who had a shotgun under his chin and was threatening to kill him while in uniform. This skill is a must see.

Guantes trained myself in the skill and I was going to give this to the students with his permission, but he's coming himself to learn from us and I'm very pleased to say the students are going to get it from the originator himself in this class. This one skill will likely not be seen again by the man who made it work on the streets for real anywhere in anyone's class in the future as he does not train/teach but is retired. It's a favor to Matt, 7677 and myself that he's going to give it to students.

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The three slots left do not include the two I'm holding for people like yourself who may be able to attend at the last minute. One of the holdover slots is yours now, and I look forward to meeting and training with you in Feb if you can make it.

We'll talk further on this later. I'm at the shop for three days starting tomorrow, then off to New Mexico to train some state investigators next Wed, and back home the following Sat morning.

I'm off this morning to shoot sporting clays but I'll be back home by 4pm your time.


Still three slots open for this event.

Here's the logo for the T shirts I'm having made for this event that's 5 weeks out.



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