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Chemical Agents

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I've used pepper spray, and have one of those Kimber Guardians (Not happy with it). I just got off the phone with someone form Mace. She told me that the Mace gel is not effected by wind. Thoughts?
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My experience with tazers, as well as pepper spray/ MACE, is that when they work they work well. When they fail, they fail spectacularly. And, they are a close range weapon, especially the pepper spray. They are better than nothing, but if you use one, the next words out of your mouth are "feet don't fail me now." They do give you another option in situations where you can't carry a firearm.

By the way, most civilian tazers have a 30 second discharge time built in, where as a law enforcement tazer has an operator controlled discharge time. The civilian tazers were designed that way so that the person using the tazer can shoot the attacker, drop the unit and run away while the BG is still getting zapped.
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