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Chemical Agents

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I've used pepper spray, and have one of those Kimber Guardians (Not happy with it). I just got off the phone with someone form Mace. She told me that the Mace gel is not effected by wind. Thoughts?
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If i remember my FloridaFirearmsLaw book right, you can carry pepper spray WITHOUT a CCL, Right?
You can also carry a Taser without a CCL too, but it would have to be open carried, ie: clipped on a purse strap, Right??????
Do they make a taser that is small enough to be carried in your pocket like a BUG?
I think a taser would be nice to use as a BUG. Just for when deadly force is not really warranted, as in the scenario being discussed in another thread (you see a crime taking place). It would be rather nice to just walk up, taser the dude doing the beating. That way nobody dies but the beating stops.
A lot of times you would just risk a beating, but not death, with a taser, it doesn't matter, if you are threatened, taser them, non-lethal force would be more accepted.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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