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Hi all...

Got the opportunity to go to the IDPA practice class on Tuesday and it was a blast! Andy and John were great instructors and walked me through all the basics as we got ready for a few practice rounds.

Practice round 1 had us with our back to the targets and after flipping a coin, we had to then turn, draw from a holster and then shoot specific targets based on the heads/tails of the coin. I really found out how a defensive situation is much different than just shooting paper at the range!

Round 2 had two "bad guy" targets mixed with two good guy targets. You had to shoot each of the bad guy's twice with a normal grip. Drop the mag, reload and then shoot each twice with your strong hand and then each twice with your weak hand! Lot's to work on here!

Keep in mind that the whole thing is timed and you get penalty time for not hitting center mass or head!

The last round was a little exercise the called "Screw your buddy!". While your back is to the target, they re-arrange the bad guys and mix in a few "hostages". You then need to put two into each bad guy. I screwed up here as I had loaded 12 rounds and was able to complete it without a reload. Unfortunately, I was only supposed to have 10 rounds in the mag! Arrgh!!!!

Overall, a great experience and an exciting time shooting. I learned a lot of new skills and areas I need to work on. I will definitely be back again!!!!!
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