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charter arms ??????

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I needs some help! First off I know nothing about revolvers. My mom is looking for a home defense weapon and possible CC. So we went to the local gun shop and tried several different types of hand guns. She does not have the hand strength for any of the semi auto's we tried. She really likes the revolvers and the sales man talked us in to a charter arms model 73811 which is 38 special 2" barrel stainless steel undercover model. She would like to stay under $600.00.

Thanks FB
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I don't know about Charter Arms, but I like my Taurus snub .38. About 1000 rounds so far, and it's going strong. Cost right at $400.
Go to their website Charter Arms they have the MSRP there and I wouldn't pay much more than that. Look at the Pink Lady.
Charter arms has as long as I remember, had a reputation of carry it a lot but only shoot it a little, as they don't hold up well to lots of shooting.

I recently repaired an older charter arms undercover for an acquaintance as the cylinder stop had begun sticking not allowing the cylinder to lock up. After having worked on that gun I would not own one.

Taurus makes a decent handgun, though their customer service is notoriously SLOW. So if you get one without problems you're good to go, if not you'll be pulling your hair out waiting for the factory to fix it.

A S&W or Ruger would be your best bet in my opinion.
Go Rossi, or Tarus for the love of God, I'm thinking your mom is new to guns. Each brand has a lifetime warranty. Check gunbroker for deals. I own both, also own a S&W 640 and S&W 60 3", and can tell you the difference in quality is not incredibly great unless you like to shoot out to twenty and fifty yards with them (yeah I'm an odd cookie but I'm also an NRA certified pistol instructor). For a first addition a Rossi 462 in .357 can be had even in this panic for less than $400 off gunbroker, but also check your local milsurp shops as well. If you are in the Central Florida area PM me and I'll see if I can help take you to a shop nearby who might be able to get you one for under $400. Also if you want and will pay for my range entry and buy me an extra box of .357 magnum ammo I'll let you and her try out mine and give her some help in shooting .38 special out of it. You'll also have to get the .38 special.
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