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Change Picture?

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Can I get a new license issued with a new picture? I look like a serial killer on mine, looking at this picture I"m surprised they issued me the license at all lol
I know my DL I can just go and take a pic and get a new one, but does the CWP just.. yer stuck with it until renewal?
what if you change your look, grow or cut your hair dramatically, dramatic facial hair change, something like that?
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I went through this with my permit.
My pic was all shaded in like I had a full beard. I am clean shaven. I have no idea why they shaded my clean & clear picture. But I looked like a Taliban agent in it.
After contacting to 2 different people I was issued a new permit & had it in 7 days. The pic was a ton better but still had a hint of black shaded beard. I decided that was good enough I didn't care to waste anymore time on it.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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