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CCW in action

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Ok guys, I don’t know if this video has been posted here before, but I saw it in youtube and I think is one of the best self defense scenario I ever seen, let me know what you guys think. :popcorn
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It turned out ok, only the bad guy was hit. but i believe the good guy waited to long to pull the trigger. if you are in your legal right and going to pull out you gun you better use it before the other guy does. it looks like he said something to the bad guy and hesitated before he shot at him, giving him a chance to fire first. this is not good for anyone. any of them could have been shot by the bad guy because of this hesitation and talking. also looks bad that he shot the bad guy in the back as he is leaving the property. if he would have pulled his gun and pulled the trigger faster the bad guy would have went down right there and the good guy would not have fired close to the customer or the baby. but with that being said with adrenalin going and quick thinking it turned out ok.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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